50th Reunion - Claudia Jensen

Dear Hillcrest Class of 1973 - by Claudia Jensen Kidder

Like many, I wondered if I should attend our 50th reunion, it felt uncomfortable. I think the high school days played into my emotions...so many times of feeling like I just didn't belong. Now that I am older and much wiser, I realize many of us felt that way in high school. Last night was a testament that we all belonged and feelings of the past of not belonging quickly dissipated. I wish that everyone could have attended.

Thanks to Mike VanAlphen who authored the special memorial for our classmates who have passed. I pondered that too and felt blessed to be one who could attend and some sorrow as memories flooded in remembering those who have passed, even if it was something as simple as recollections of passing them in the crowded halls as we moved from class to class in high school.

I hope down the road in the not-too-distant future we can perhaps meet at a nice park, have a potluck, and pick up where we left off. There were so many others I wanted to visit with and before I knew it the night had come to an end. May God continue to shine his light on Hillcrest Class of 73. We truly were an awesome bunch and much more alike than different. So long for now and thanks again.
Claudia Jensen Kidder